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O texto a seguir está em inglês pois reproduz fielmente o texto no idioma originalmente utilizado para a nominação no prêmio:
Braskem is the largest petrochemical company in the Americas and the world’s third largest producer of polypropylene, and it considers competitiveness and technology autonomy, combined with the commitment to promote the sustainable development, as its strategy bases.

With stocks negotiated in the Stock Exchanges of São Paulo, New York and Madrid, Braskem is committed to the principles of good corporate governance, with transparent relations in the capital market.

Braskem has the strategic view of being one of the five largest petrochemical companies in the world in 2020, recognized by Clients, for its practice of serving and creation of value to the production chain; by shareholders, with growth supported by profitability and increasing results; and by the society, through sustainable actions.

Today, Braskem produces more than 15 million tons of thermoplastic resins and other petrochemical products.

The company owns the largest and most modern research center of Latin America in this sector, Braskem Technology and Innovation Center, with units in Triunfo (Rio Grande do Sul), São Paulo and the United States. The Center develops products, processes, applications and new markets in partnerships with its clients, the plastic processing companies, which constitute the third generation. This way, the company adds value e competitiveness throughout the petrochemical and resin production chain.

The previously existing system before was a legacy system based on Visual Basic 5.0 using SQL Server as database. Braskem is one of the big customers of SAP ERP in Brazil. In the initial analysis of their IT Architecture area, Braskem considered the possibility of using the SAP NetWeaver as Portals and Collaboration primary platform which would certainly affect the adoption of SharePoint platform as the standard solution for Portals, Collaboration and ECM. Besides that, the manager in charge of decisions about Portals platform was an ex SAP consultant at Accenture and SAP was very aggressive offering SAP Portal licenses almost for free aggregating it in ERP licenses contract. K2M Soluções performed an initial project migrating file servers of Braskem IT department in a volume of 30 GB, around 31.000 files, showing the advanced capabilities for organizing and managing their content and documents.


The project developed by K2M Soluções aimed to develop a knowledge management solution for Braskem Technology and Innovation Center. The solution aims to manage knowledge-based acquis of Books, Records, Memory and Periodicals generated and acquired by Braskem Technology and Innovation Center, in collaboration with the customer community, researchers and universities have agreements to Braskem.

To develop the solution K2M Soluções used the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 platform, with its resources, Enterprise Content Management, Search, Visio Services for graphical presentation of the relationship with the Community and native integration with Microsoft Office 2010. Through taxonomy and hierarchy settings on the platform, intensive use of Managed Metadata, Content Types, workflows, and advanced search features associated with the development of extensions to the SharePoint platform, K2M could create a solution with total flexibility to meet changing business needs and the continued growth of the acquis. K2M has also migrated the data and documents stored on pre-existing legacy system. This application was named by Braskem as BBC – Base Braskem de Conhecimento (Braskem Knowledge Base).

During this project K2M revised the information architecture and migrated existing content and documents using the tool Metalogix File Share Migration Manager for SharePoint.

With this project, Braskem adopted globally SharePoint as the primary platform for Portals, Collaboration, ECM and Search solutions, discarding definitely SAP Netweaver as an option.


Braskem Knowledge Base (BBC) is a Web application that uses SharePoint lists and libraries as a repository of 83,592 documents, near 30 GB of data, belonging to Braskem, standardizing the registration of them being physical or electronic. Moreover, the application provides several capabilities for automated document management including version control and approval processes, collecting comments, lending, surrender and cancellation or replacement. BBC was managed by Marcia Alano, ( Information and Knowledge Management Coordinator, who has been very happy with the results obtained after system go live.

Key solution benefits:
•    Modernization of the system platform, winning:
•    Knowledge management of innovation processes;
•    Agility in innovation development;
•    Ease and flexibility of maintenance and evolution of the system, empowering the user to this;
•    Ease of records management system;
•    Improvements in ease and safety management system through the integrated authentication with Active Directory, SharePoint security groups and granularity of restricting access at various levels of SharePoint.

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